If you ever needed to send a prank mail to someone that you hate, then we can help you craft the most embarrassing mail and send it for you. Below are the three solid reasons why we prefer using a postal approach to dispatch the annoying mail pranks;

Fast delivery

Speed and time is very vital and we keep that in mind when serving our clients. We use fast postal mails which dispatches them daily. What this means is that the recipient will get the prank mail when it is still red-hot. Our clients are happy with the speed at which we deliver the prank mails.

Top Privacy

It wouldn't make any sense to send a prank mail with your information disclosed. Postal mailing it is perhaps the only way to make the delivery without disclosing your personal information or where the mail comes from. Our prank team will take care of everything else.


There could be better options to do this but since this is just a prank mail, we couldn't think of any other way to give our clients a cheaper, yet effective way to send prank mails. Anonymous postal pranks are by far the cheapest and ones that you can count on for deliveries without worrying of delays.

How We send Your prank mail

Below is a step by step process of how we play our cards and ensure that the prank mail packages are delivered within time; -Once you place an order on our website, we ask you to fill in the details of the recipient so that we can drop it to the right person and the right address. The process is fast and easy and can be done in a few seconds.
-Your order is then processed immediately and the prank mail task is handed over to our prank mailing team. Our team comprises of some of the best guys in the prank world who will impart their unique and creative prank mail ideas to create an embarrassing message on the envelop.
-Soon as this has been done, we dispatch it through a postal express mail for a super fast delivery.
-All set and done. The next thing is for you to wait and see the magic at work. Your enemy should be receiving the worst prank mail that will spoil their day.

Final word

Just because you cannot speak yourself out or revenge to your boss doesn't mean that they should sit on you. You now have prank mails that will blow their minds and even make them cry like babies. Our anonymous postal pranks are slowly getting popular and loved by thousands of people who cant help coming back for more. If you are seriously looking for a service that you can count on to embarrass and embarras your enemy, then this is the last one that you will ever need.

The illustration above shows just what someone can be pranked with.

Frequently Asked Questions

It was funny seeing my boss get busted from a prank message that was sent by these guys. He is a hardass, always sneaks around, and never lets me breathe! A friend of mine recommended this website to me, and I am glad that I ordered their product! I was happy to see my boss embarrassed for the first time, and it is all thanks to this awesome site!
J. Kelly (Queens- NY)