Have you been having sleepless nights just because some friend of yours said or did something to spoil your day? If you have been experiencing this then maybe it is time you punish them by embarrassing them in public. Our new and unique service that lets you prank your enemies and frenemies is one that you need if you are looking for a sweet and a fun revenge.

Advantages of using our prank service

There may be similar services that you may have seen around but there are many things that makes us different from them. Below are 3 core reasons why we rock and why you should use our outstanding service.

Guaranteed Prank Bomb!

Rarely do you come across a service that is 100% guaranteed to work. But here we go that extra mile promising everyone that our top notch prank mail packages will be nothing short of awesome. Our creative team driven by passion and industry experience gives us the confidence that we will make the whole thing a perfect practical joke revenge ever.

Customized to your needs

Frankly speaking, you may not come across a prank mail service that lets you customize anything the way you need like we do. You are the boss and you say how things should be done. While we customize the envelop with the most embarrassing messages, let you have a say and if you need anything added on top of what we have, you are free to do so.

Limitless Prank mail ideas

We have a team of creative individuals whose work is to craft the most embarrassing messages that will strike the recipient head-on. Creativity is the propelling force that makes us stand out from the rest. There are different prank mail packages that you will find here which are guaranteed to give impressive results.

Super Fast

We love serving things when they are hot. We know when to strike carrying the "bomb". If you have been looking for people who act fast and deliver when expected, then try our service today and you will have nothing to regret.

Its 100% Legal and Fun

We are all under the law and we wouldn't like to cross entertainment borders. We would never use forceful threats or induce context that will harm the recipient in a bad way. The main intent of our prank mail service is to offer an entertaining, yet embarrassing and annoying way to people all over the world. Giving your frenemy a hard day isn't bad anyway. For instance, we could send your former lecturer Valentines day wishes from An imaginary "Gay Society of Canada" and they surely will be annoyed in front of other staff who will be present.


We all have enemies, frenemies and other people who keep sticking their noses where they don't belong. Since you can't go pulling a bazooka on their heads, perhaps the best approach is to embarrass them in public and make their day a living hell by sending them pranks through mails. Our service is one of a kind and one that you are certain of its outcomes. All you need to do is to place an order, give us the address of the recipient, then sit down wait for the magic mail.

The illustration above shows just what someone can be pranked with.

Frequently Asked Questions

It was funny seeing my boss get busted from a prank message that was sent by these guys. He is a hardass, always sneaks around, and never lets me breathe! A friend of mine recommended this website to me, and I am glad that I ordered their product! I was happy to see my boss embarrassed for the first time, and it is all thanks to this awesome site!
J. Kelly (Queens- NY)