Don’t Get Mad…Get Revenge By Mail

Do you usually go all out with pranks for All Fools’ Day otherwise known as April Fool’s Day (which is April 1 in case you didn’t know or forgot)? Or do you or someone you know have a problem? A cheating partner, a terrible boss, a nosy neighbor maybe? Or do you simply have a mischievous itch that needs to be scratched? The power to do something about it is at the tips of your fingers but it could be in the form of revenge by mail, yes we recommend that you send prank mail. We wouldn’t encourage you to get physical in order to get revenge in any of the situations mentioned-or any other situation for that matter but pranks through the mail is actually a great idea. For example, the website hosts tons of annoying mail pranks and snail mail pranks that you can use.

However, privacy is always a concern.

Even though the target against whom you want to get revenge by mail may be deserving of the mail prank, the revelation of your identity can have unwanted consequences. For example, if your boss is extremely humiliated by a prank mail and perhaps the entire office or department knows about it, your colleagues may consider you a hero, but your boss will make you public enemy number one. In such cases several things can happen to make your life miserable and cause you to regret ever sending that annoying mail prank. He could start to find fault with all your work, both past and present, or start to severely increase your work load with ridiculous if not impossible deadlines, or he could just fire you as soon as the prank occurs and he realizes that it was you. Although you will see how in the other two instances, your getting fired would have been the eventuality in any case. No boss is going to work in an environment where someone his junior made a fool out of him. A similar consideration exists when it comes to your current boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mother or father who still manages to hate you no matter how hard you try to impress him or her or maybe you have a monster-in-law on your hands. In those situations you definitely need to be far distanced from the prank mail letter, your partner might not even find it funny and that would cause a problem.

In each case, because privacy is a huge issue, you want to reel in the experts to help you like and even if privacy is not a cause for concern you might not feel confident enough to pull off a 'revenge by mail' heist. In either case, what can happen is that you may rack your brain trying to figure out the perfect plan but simply cannot. In those instances, you should feel free to use our website We allow you to access prank mail ideas, prank mail packages, prank envelopes and everything you need have your revenge by mail, prank mail letter seem genuine. The best part about our service is that nothing can be traced to you whether you want to be traced or not. Nothing gives more joy to watch someone who has been terrible to you in the past suffer a humiliating experience without the ability to do something about it because among other things, for starters he or she just does not know where to begin and the pranks are so credible that they can spend weeks trying to convince on-lookers that it was just a prank.

Imagine it, you could get revenge by mail on that cheating boyfriend or girlfriend

in a way that is so easy. You would know his or her address right and of course some of his daily activities including where he works or where his parents live. Imagine the “Erectile Dysfunction Rehabilitation Centre” sending him a remainder about his next appointment and that his “package” will not work ever again if he fails to keep his appointment” which ends up at his new love interests’ house, his work place or in the mail box of his coworkers especially if it’s a large company!

The possibilities with are endless and harmless- at least for you. Do not hesitate, make contact today to get revenge by mail!

The illustration above shows just what someone can be pranked with.

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It was funny seeing my boss get busted from a prank message that was sent by these guys. He is a hardass, always sneaks around, and never lets me breathe! A friend of mine recommended this website to me, and I am glad that I ordered their product! I was happy to see my boss embarrassed for the first time, and it is all thanks to this awesome site!
J. Kelly (Queens- NY)