7 Stunning Mail Prank Ideas

Do you know that millions of email pranks are exchanged over the internet during the fools' day? Might also want great pranks to play on your friends or adversaries even when they are far off? If so, you will find mail pranks irresistible. Indeed, there is something about mail pranks that can bring out the worst in each of your intended recipients. The fact that people are using their mail boxes more than ever before to share data, access resourceful information and even make financial transactions mean there's every chance your intended recipients will open the mails when you want. But how do you ensure that your prank will bring the worst out of your targets? Below are 7 amazing mail prank ideas that your targets will find alluring. Read on.

1. Fake awards prank.

Many people like free awards, whether in monetary form or as specific prizes. You can rely on this widespread trait to test your friends' gullibility. The best way to ensure the prank is effective is by sending them a mail that notifies them that they have won a valuable award or a sizable amount of money in a competition in their locality. Chances are high that they will get tempted to believe it and consequently try to claim the prize on offer. This prank could best fit a colleague since you can easily watch their reactions upon receiving the mail prank.

2. Bedtime scary stories prank.

We all have our fears right? Well, if you know what stories scare your friends or other targeted people, you then have an upper hand to fool them around. Create haunting stories that you are sure will scare your recipient and then send them over to your targets just before they retire to bed for maximum effect. Sure enough, the mail pranks will work wonders and scare your targets out of their skin.

3. Fake cyber crime charge notifications prank.

Is your intended target a frequent internet user? If so, you can create an email account whose username closely resembles that of an established internet regulation body and send them emails telling them they have been involved in cyber crimes. You can fool them around by asking them to confess or visit a non existent office for questioning. Only when you're sure they are scared should you confess that after all, it was only a mail prank.

4. Blind date prank.

A blind date is one of the most annoying pranks you can attempt on an individual. Simply strive to hook up with someone of the opposite gender online and invite them to a blind date by sending them a non suspicious mail. To make the prank effective, dictate how they should wear, right from the top to the bottom and ensure their mode of wearing is crazy and ridiculous. You can then take their photo in that state and send it to their friends online.

5. Fake confessions prank.

Do you have access to your friends email account? If you do, then you have a mammoth chance to prank them out. By using their account, you can create and send an embarrassing confession that will make them seem out of sorts to their acquaintances. Even then, ascertain to send the pranks to individuals you're well acquainted to. This will ensure the prank doesn't lead to a lasting embarrassment, job loss or even loss of life.

6. Boss warning email pranks.

Do your colleagues or friends use office emails or other resources for their personal endeavors? Then you could leverage on their misdeeds to put them in a tight corner briefly. The best way to do it is to send them a prank mail that demands that their explain the reason why they misuse office resources and ask them to apologize profusely or else face the consequences. You could, for instance, ask them to compose a poem as part of the apology just to raise the confusion a notch higher.

7. Editor's pad auto correct prank.

How would you feel if your computer's word editor replaced some of the words with colloquial language or local dialect? You would feel annoyed, right? Why not try it on your friend's computer and see how they react. If they use Microsoft word editor often, you could, for instance, change words such as Dear sir to 'Yo Bro' and Dear madam to 'Hi girl'. It'd be annoying to them but amazing to you.

Pro tip;

Ensure that you keep the pranks in check else they may turn to disastrous occurrences. The best way to ensure a prank remains safe, however much scary it is, is notifying the recipient of the prank sometime after sending the prank. Additionally, only send pranks that are on the right side of the law, else you may get yourself into trouble.

Bottom Line.

Knowing what prank will have the greatest effect on each of your intended persons can be hard, unless you have some amazing ideas to choose from. That's why the list of mail prank ideas herein will prove worthwhile the next time you want to embarrass an acquaintance or adversary.

The illustration above shows just what someone can be pranked with.

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