Usually the pranking approach is conceived and executed online without revealing anybody's identity. It is done in a secretive manner whereby the recipient will never know where it came from or who sent the prank mail. However, this fact shouldn't blind you to think that there aren't poor services within the anonymous pranking world. You need to be keen and shift your focus to only use the pranking services that will guarantee you quality service. We have an experienced team who have specialized in creating prank letter ideas, something that makes us stand out from many other services around. So, how are we different from the rest? And how do you find out legit prank service that will deliver a sweet revenge by mail? Below are some of the crucial pointers that you need to look at when you want to send a prank mail.

Proven track record

If you need quality delivered, then you have to make sure that you are working with people or a company that has already delivered results in the past. We are serious when it comes to delivering to our clients and though this is a prank service, we ensure that the prank envelopes delivered serves its purpose. You will be surprised to learn that we have delivered thousands of prank mails bearing unique and creative prank messages. Moreover, all of our clients are happy with our service and they can't help coming back for more.


A company that has specialized and studied its industry have mastered every skill and know how to approach a situation. A company that has no experience with how pranking goes wont have enough prank letter ideas to get the plan working. We have been working closely with clients to ensure that every package pranks that we deliver perfectly meet their expectation. This is one of the things that makes us unique and stand out. Simply put, we deliver results.


Nothing beats creativity and it is what defines the quality of a prank mail package. Our experienced team is always ready to do their part by imparting top notch prank letter ideas that have been proven to work. One thing you can be sure of is that you cannot go wrong while working with out team.

Timely Delivery

When something hot stays for long, it rots. We wouldn't like to see the prank mail that we have created go on waste or get delivered when its too late. On that score, we ensure that after the order is placed, the prank mail letter is crafted, enveloped and sent immediately.

Final word:

We are certain that we have met all the qualities above and we are living proof having delivered thousands of prank mail packages through our award winning delivery service. If you have been looking for a prank mail service provider that guarantees you nothing short of quality then you've got our creative team to sort you out with the limitless prank letter ideas that we put into action.

The illustration above shows just what someone can be pranked with.

Frequently Asked Questions

It was funny seeing my boss get busted from a prank message that was sent by these guys. He is a hardass, always sneaks around, and never lets me breathe! A friend of mine recommended this website to me, and I am glad that I ordered their product! I was happy to see my boss embarrassed for the first time, and it is all thanks to this awesome site!
J. Kelly (Queens- NY)