Getting Pranks to the Mail Box

Pulling off a prank successfully is a great way of getting back at someone or just making absolute fan. Mail pranks, unlike other pranks are quite easy to pull off. You do need much of a plan or strategy to make it work. You could send prank via the post office or email. All you need to do is have your victim’s correct address and come up with the perfect prank mail ideas. Most people use their emails and mail addresses for important communication purposes and managing to get a prank into their inbox or mail box is just plainly annoying on their side, but a cry of joy and triumphant on your side. Pulling pranks through mail is a sure way to humiliate scare and even embarrass your victims.

Before you could even pull of any annoying mail pranks, you probably want to know your chances of success with it and how it works. So here it is, once you have a target, decide whether an email or post mail is the best channel to send the prank. After doing so, go ahead and find their actual and active addresses; this could be an email address or a post box address. To now actualize your prank, find the best mail prank idea that you are sure will totally freak the recipient. It could be a false prize, a blind date, demand for ransom or just a message from a weird source like 'The bestiality Club’ or 'Make My Breasts Bigger Women’s Club’. Whatever idea you come up with, its subject line should be enough to draw in your target and make them fall for it.

For your prank to be successful,

the victim has to believe that the mail or email is from whoever it claims to have sent it. Therefore, your name or any clues to your identity should remain hidden. If you are sending the prank via post mail, you could use prank mail letters and prank envelopes to make the whole thing appear so real. The prank mail letters and envelopes usually have addresses, signatures and even logo signs that make it easy to believe that the source of the information is real. Other than just sending a letter, you could also send prank mail packages. For instance, if you want to revenge by mail to a colleague, you could arrange that they receive a package prank that makes it appear like they are into sex toys and just made a purchase that was delivered to the office. This will be plain embarrassing for them especially if they do not use sex toys.

Your mail pranks do not have to be limited to the ideas already around you. You could come up with new ideas of your own and have the mail letters, envelopes and packages customized to meet your demands. To get the best prank ideas, you really need to know and understand your victim really well. Find out what they hate, dislike or fear the most. And it does not always have to be a scare; you could make them excited for nothing by making their biggest desires appear like they just actualized overnight. That way you get them really happy in a short while only to crush them later.

Depending on how evil you are,

you could just pull a single mail prank or make it a series of pranks that will trouble the recipients for a while. Once you fill like you have heard enough of the pranks you could stop and let the victims know just how much fun you have been having as you watched them anguish.

If you are yet to try a mail prank, do it soon before it is pulled on you. It breaks the traditional pranks and offers a new and exciting way to play around with the minds and emotions of your targets. No one expects you to go through the trouble of posting mail or writing an email just to hoax them which is largely why most mail pranks turn out to be very successful. Mail pranks are just as good as or even better than ordinary pranks, they let you get as mean as you want to pull off the ultimate scare, revenge or humiliation.

The illustration above shows just what someone can be pranked with.

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