This is the best prank buster service that I have ever come across. I knew such a thing exists but I had never used one myself. My ex boyfriend is a real idiot and thought that I should give him something to make him grow up. So it tried this prank service and surely they didn't disappoint. I should also say that the service has an excellent turnaround time and is a good bang for the buck!
- Debby (Florida)
I ordered one of this service last week to one of my frenemy; my colleague whom am jealous of and guess what the idiot did. I just watched him from across the floor receive the envelope and nod in shock. I just smiled and knew that the bomb had arrived. He felt super embarrassed and didn't concentrate for a few days. He now doesn't yap too much and limits his words. Enough to say that he learnt a lesson.
-David Gray (Southampton, UK)
My college lecturer was a bug and I had sworn that he will one day have to pay for it. After coming across this website, I decided to try this anonymous prank service to teach him a lesson. The guys here were amazing to help me out as I needed a custom message added. I was totally happy with the whole service and will be placing an order to prank my cuz soon.
-Ben (British Columbia, Canada)
I have been a fan of pranking others for years but have been SMS which didn't work quit perfectly. I needed something that exposes one in front of many people and I must say that I found something different and of more value than I had found with other similar services. Simply put, this is the best prank message providers on the planet.
-Jake (Australia)